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Public Relations an effective tool in brand building offered by PR Agencies

Public Relations or PR is the practice of managing communications between an organization and its publics to build manage and sustain a positive image. It includes the activities that are used to create public interest in a product, person, idea, institution or business establishment. It works with strategic communication process to deal with their clients effectively and efficiently.
Public Relations play an important role in creating positive perception for new brands by narrating your story with different news angles to the media because now we live in a communication conscious society where people come across various commercial messages on daily basis. To establish a brand into market, bringing it into limelight capture a large audience i.e. Its target market by placing its value in the market through media which is possible only with an effective PR agency.

Powers of PR in Building Brands

▣ PR creates the environment for brand activation, brand exhibition, brand education and brand after sales-services.
▣ PR places more emphasis on two way communication, that is, it completes the communication cycle by ensuring feedback form, customers to ascertain brand experience and value.
▣ PR helps to create brand understanding, its importance & necessity & build customer loyalty towards the brand.
▣ PR can be effectively used to mitigate and manage brand related crisis.
▣ PR shapes opinion, inspire action and change perspectives about brands.
▣ PR in a way strategically helps the company to hold on to its brand promise, credibility and consistency.
▣ Most people hardly believe what they see in adverts, but emphasize on more credibility which is communicated through PR.
▣ PR is about building perception and managing reputation. It act as a bridge that connect brand with customers, builds the relationship and sustain the perception.
▣ PR includes a variety of programs to promote and protect a company brand image. It analyses market trends and predict likely consequences to brand image and equity.

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