Our Company

Transcendent Strategy is the youngest firm among its top peers. It is also leading PR firm in India

We are one of the top marketing and PR service providing PR Agencies in Delhi. Transcendent Strategy Pvt. Ltd. Off shoot Maavyaa World Communications is specialising in PR support, Influencer Marketing, Celebrities Management and all relative services backed by proven experiences of 20+ years with the Brands serving consistently for years and years…

Our business is built on a few simple tenets. In a complex world with a trust deficit, we believe public relations is 90 per cent behaviour and 10 per cent communications. We believe relationships are key to sustainable business and integrity, while transparency, purpose and fairness are critical elements of a successful public relations programme.

A key feature of our work process is the personal touch that each and every client receives. This helps providing the best of quality — which is the cornerstone of Transcendent Strategy.

Culture is our strength, and our culture is built on simple tenets of integrity, transparency, fairness and simplicity. Constant, incremental innovation for creating value for our clients is also a part of our value system. 

Core Services

Brand Enhancement

In this ever-changing world, it is no longer enough to stand still when it comes to a brand. dapibus leo.

Media Monitoring

Know the impact of your campaigns by monitoring the output of print, online and broadcast media.

Crisis Communication

Crisis management comes to play when a brand/corporate faces financial or reputation crisis.


This helps to boost your online presence, by disseminating the right message to the right audience at the right time

Why We Are

We are strategic. We are efficient. We care for you by ensuring that business goals are met. We do this by believing in your business and putting ourselves in your shoes to ensure that your brand / company reaches and stays at the top.

Quality Assurance

Quality has always been a priority for us, and you can be assured of the quality of service excellence that you expect. 

24X7 Availability

Our company is designed to work 24×7 and that is our commitment. We are always available and ready to help you. 

We are Responsible

When we take on an assignment, we take ownership and complete responsibility so that your business flourishes.


We understand the value of time and also understand that delivering on time is the only thing that matters in today’s world

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Happy Clients
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Our Mission

Our mission is not to be the best PR agency in India, but the best one to work for. If we are the best place to work, we will get the best people. If we have the best people, we will get the best clients. If we have the best people and clients, how can we not be the best PR agency in India?

Our Vision

Our underlying focus remains to garner consistent brand impact by delivering qualitative outreach. Our holistic PR approach brings to life the “Creating a New You” principle, which is to engage multiple perspectives and Integrated thinking.