Offline Trading & Sales

Without the right strategy and plan in place, you risk blowing your budget without getting the results you require. With extensive experience of traditional marketing as well as digital, you’ll be in a safe pair of hands with Procamb.

Whether you’re looking for project support or require a part-time, virtual marketing director, there’s a support package available for you. It’ll save you money, make you money and free up your management time. As your Marketing Managers, the Agency will build PR campaigns, added-value offers and capitalise on local sponsorships for you.

General Trade

General trade is a network by which direct customers are approached or interpersonal relationships is created between buyer and seller, we provide best network for interpersonal relationship.

International Market

Get featured your Brand in top news media and other platforms. International PR provides perspective into how the world is, and how that may be different from how you and your company perceive the world.

Modern Trade

Modern trade is usually a chain store such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, and minimarkets whose operations (inventory, logistics, merchandising) are more organized than general trade.


Manufactures find different different ways to sell its products and we have a wide network of canteens to sell its products directly .