Press Releases Dissemination & Coverage

Usually a press release is prepared by the PR team of the brand and it is been scattered to the print, digital and electronic media as required.
Press dissemination is the process through which specific news contents are articulated and received by the public or audiences. Articles related to different sections like that of education, health or entertainment etc., goes to their respective section/ person in the media. It is necessary for the article to reach to the right person who has the authority and power to make it reach to its audience.

Press Conferences

To get maximum media attention, press conference is an essential tool in PR field. It is generally held by spokesperson or a press liaison to distribute information and to interact with the media. A brand has the opportunity to present its news or message in the most favorable light by inviting media to these events. Such media exposure increases the brand recognition in its market.

One To One Media Interaction & Interviews

You may recall a time when it was commonplace to spend a large portion of your working day meeting people face to face! When it comes to building relationships with journalists, there’s no substitute for the in-person interview. You’ll typically enjoy more time to convey your points and less distraction from the matter in hand. The interview may take place at your office, on the journalist’s home turf, over a coffee or lunch, or most likely on the fringes of an industry gathering or conference as shows begin to resurface.

The location should have little impact on your preparation, and ideally your PR team will have travelled to support you during the interview. But don’t lose sight of your surroundings and how they may dictate proceedings on the day.

Profiling Feature

In the business world – it is key to ensure that the shadow is a positive reflection of the tree. As a leading PR agency, we understand the power of positive thinking – in that it is inextricably interlinked to positive action and interaction. Success is a direct result of what consumers feel when they think of a particular brand. So, if your business has a positive reputation – consumers have a greater purpose and need to invest in it, emotionally or commercially. Trust ignites loyalty and loyalty results in success.

Founder-focused leadership and CEO profiling strategies are some of the most intelligent PR and marketing tools under-utilised by communications professionals globally. In today’s world of personality-led, values-driven communication, a CEO’s global reputation is of critical importance to a firm’s success; and is a fundamental driver of corporate reputation when it comes to business.

Industry Stories

It’s essential for compelling brand storytelling. Brand stories that position your audience as the hero, you as the wise guide, and your product as the sword to slay the dragon, and you’ll have a winning content marketing strategy , no matter what your industry.


seeding trial or marketing trial is a form of marketing, conducted in the name of research, designed to target product sampling towards selected consumers. In the marketing research field, seeding is the process of allocating marketing to specific customers, or groups of customers, in order to stimulate the internal dynamics of the market, and enhance the diffusion process. 

Blogger Reviews

Blog review is one of the latest link building services that help a website achieve much more than just one-way links. This service ensures that your customers get complete review of the products and services you offered. The reviews are posted with the website’s link and thus create reliable and permanent one-way links also.

Product Launches

A launch event is an excellent way to showcase your latest product, build hype around it, and even acquire some sales right at the event. The more you can get people talking about the product, both at the event and via social media, the better it’s going to do.This event is your opportunity to put your product on display and give your attendees real, hands-on play-time with it. This helps them get excited and become an advocate for it as you launch into your market.